Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 90}

Happy Monday! It’s been a crazy, wonderfully full, sports, friends, crawfish boil, sunshine-filled weekend for us; how was your weekend?

I love my TimeHop app – and this weekend my heart melted when the picture from 4 years ago popped up! My little Monkey was so small and adorable in his cowboy boots.  He used to wear nothing but boots and shorts for years!  I paired it with a pic from the past week and then posted it to Instagram and my heart melted <3 If you don’t have TimeHop, look into it, it’s FREE!! You can share the pictures, or just look at them without sharing.   I have no association with them, I just wanted to tell y’all about it, because it’s one of our favorite things to look at every day.

Time Hop App then and now

Okay, let’s talk recipes!

Mouthwatering Mondays Collage

1. I love good Southern comfort food, and this Homemade Chicken and Dumplings recipe from Lighthearted Moms definitely fits that bill! Y’all hop over, check out her recipe, pin her recipe, and say Hi! 

2. Spring has sprung and I am focusing on drinking more water, as are many of you, so these delicious Herbed and Fruited Waters from Modern Christian Homemaker has the added benefits of her telling you why the fruit and herb mixes added to each water are beneficial for you! Go check it out, and tell her your favorite fancy water blends or add-ins.

3. Are you a cadbury creme egg lover?  Easter is peeping it’s head around the corner, and Wheel n Deal Mama has a fantastic Homemade Cadbury Creme Egg Recipe that she linked up last week.  If you’re a creme egg fan, pop on over there, get the recipe, say Hi, and maybe show her recipe a little pintastic love.

4.  Cheesy Polenta Muffins! Yes, please.  I was intrigued, because I’ve never heard of polenta muffins before, and then I saw the picture with the cheese oozing out of the middle of the muffin and I was sold!  So hop over to Bystro Blog, check out the recipe, and go ahead and drool over the cheesy goodness! YUM!

Did you notice I’m trying something new?  What do you think?

Don’t forget the Mouthwatering Mondays Guidelines

        • Do not link up a recipe that you have previously linked to Mouthwatering Mondays: Please link up original recipes each week
        • link directly back to your recipe URL. Not your Blog Homepage, not your Facebook page, not pinterest.. Just your recipe url
        • visit other MWM participants and leave a comment, say hello, tell them you’re coming from Mouthwatering Mondays.
        • Link back to Mouthwatering Mondays/A Southern Fairytale in the linked up post
        • Leave a Comment – I love hearing from y’all! <3
        • If you want to Pin one of these recipes, please pin directly from the recipe creator’s blog – not from a southern fairytale!
        • By linking your recipe up, you agree to, and give permission for an image from the linked recipe and a link to your recipe to be posted if chosen as a feature in the next week’s Mouthwatering Mondays.


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