One of Princess’ favorite books is Pinkalicious.

My daughter has always loved the color pink, I wasn’t a fan of the color until she was born, I have since been converted.

Her 2 requirements for her 7th birthday party were pink and pink.

So, I was thrilled when I found this invitation on my favorite card making site:

tiny prints princess

She wanted a pink and purple swirly cake with sparkling pink frosting. CHECK

ready to bake

There is of course proper etiquette for eating a cake this pretty at a pinkalicious party


cake in the face

Each of the girls got to let their inner decorating diva shine with the decorate your own cupcake portion of the evening

cupcake decorated

When you walked into the house party central, each girl got to choose from an array of tiaras and feathers and boas (oh my!)

princess 7th birthday party

She declared it the most Perfect Pinkalicious Party ever.


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    1. AWW Thanks, Amy 😉 it’s a work in progress! 😉

      Thank you! She helped decorate it. She wanted simple. PINK. PINK. and sparkly 😉 I think we achieved it 😉

    1. Kim, it was SOOO easy! and fun! I have a disco ball too and the kids turned off the lights and danced and sang..

      You know I’m always here if ya have questions or need ideas 😉 🙂

  1. I’m a pink girl myself so I sort of want this party to be MY next birthday party! Never mind that I’ll be 29! Age schm-age, right? Did the color in the cake turn out after it was baked? Adorable. Your daughter is one lucky little lady!

    1. Age-Schmage 😉 exactly 😉

      Yes, the colors totally turn out after baked! It gives it a fun tie-dye swirl-rainbow effect.
      I did them last year cupcake style for her birthday and ended up making them for 6 other birthday girls at her school, too 😉

      It’s so fun and so easy.

      Thank you 😉 I think I’m lucky to have her.

  2. Lucky little Princess. You did a fantastic job with everything. I love her invitations (sweet photo) and very smart of you to make note that the parents were invited only from 5-8p.m. 🙂

    Don’t you just love how the kids love to use a little bit of everything when they decorate cookies and/or cupcakes 🙂

  3. Let it be said again, “YOU ROCK” what an awesome pretty cake! I love the decorate your cupcake idea too. Lucky little lady. Great job mamma!

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