Life 365 – Week 4

Week 4

Day 22: #ReynoldsRealMoms Dinner

Day 23: SNOW – this Texas girl absolutely flipped out and spent quite a bit of time out in the snow during the ReynoldsRealMom shoot!

Day 24: This still makes me giggle 😉

Day 25: Les Miserables with my mom – what’s an epic movie without a vat of popcorn?

Day 26: Muddin’

Day 27: These boots were made for walkin’  going out with my hubby on his birthday

Day 28:  Gran’s Home-Ec book from 1945

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  1. OMG! I laughed when I saw that sign ‘OMG U R beautiful … Marry me.. I’m off next Thurs’ … What’s the story behind that??

  2. Debra – isn’t that hysterical! It was the flight attendant on my last flight home this past Thursday 😉 He was a hoot! He was joking around with and teasing all the passengers and he dropped that in my lap while he was delivering drinks.

    It definitely made me laugh 😉

  3. That is really good! It’s a flight you won’t forget! Actually, I imagined it was how your husband proposed, or your Gran’s husband!

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