Shades of a Memory

Shades of a memory.
That’s all a moment is… a shade of a memory.
Each moment we live is a memory in the making.
Sadly, we as moms rarely document every moment because as moms we know that we will remember every earth shattering record breaking moment of our child’s life.
Yeah.. right.
Every tooth, every step, every word, every laugh every gesture…
Look back on your life up to now… is it vibrant with color, faded like sepia or a washed out gray?
Our lives are merely shades of memories.
I watched my granny, the ultimate wonderful epitome of womanhood and love.
I watched her, and pieces of my heart shattered.
A part of me broke inside and fell away.
Her memories slip through her fingers like sand.
Seemingly solid, yet impossible to hold.
The colors of her past faded and washed out.
Shades of gray have seeped in and taken over her once sharp witty mind and have now dulled the vibrant being… virtually stilled the tongue and saddened the eyes.
It’s a hard thing to watch your loved one being taken by the shades of gray.
Record.. by any means necessary.
Share your legacy and theirs.
Never let the memories become merely shadows.


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  1. It is crazy because things you never think you will forget seems to just disappear. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. What a beautiful post!!!! Made me all teary eyed!
    There are lots of things I thought for sure I would remember about my kids and I have forgotten. I never recored videos like I wanted to, I need to start doing that more. Need to make the effort.

  3. That was a beautiful post, but very sad. It IS hard watching our loved ones age and deteriorate, especially when it’s their minds. I have to admit, I used to do a very good job documenting everything. I have pages in a notebook of funny things Emily said and did, every one of her first 200 words or so, all the “firsts” written down (even the stupid stuff like wearing her first pair of shoes, first time in a pool, etc). Sadly, three kids and their activities and their laundry take up lots of my time and I don’t ahve the hours to sit around documenting like I used to. I do need to try a little harder. Thank goodness for blogging because for the last year, all the really good stuff is documented now! LOL

    Thanks for the reminder that life is precious

  4. What a beautiful post. Thank you for reminding me to not only document my children’s lives, but document the GreatGrandparents that we are still blessed to have in our lives. Really touching….

  5. I’m sadly watching my grandmother slipping into the darkness Alzheimers inflicts on it’s victims. It makes me realize all the more how valuable memories are. I’m trying to write more and more of them I’ll have them with me when my mind lets go.

    Beautiful post as always. I love your blog.

  6. This was wonderfully said!

    My Grandmother didn’t have alzheimers, but passed away recently of ALS. We essentially watched her body, which used to be so lively and rambunctuous, waste away until she was but a shell of that wonderful woman. Regardless as to the mode that takes them, its sad watching a loved one slip away, and I’ve struggled lately dealing with my loss. You’ve written this beautifully.

  7. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Up until my grandfather began suffering from Alzheimers, I thought the way my other grandparents past was cruel (cancer, heart disease). But watching his confusion was so scary and disheartening. He couldn’t remember that his wife and one of his children were already dead or that he had 10 great-grandchildren. Although maybe it was more cruel to us watching him because he seemed thankfully oblivious to his other health concerns. Or that’s just our rationalization of it.
    I’m so sorry to hear that you, your family, and your grandma are going through this

  8. Hey Rachel! It’s Stina 🙂 I am finally joining the land of blogging. I added you on my page! Hope you are doing well.

  9. This was beautiful Rachel. I so feel ya. What a good reminder to write it down, take a photo and remember what you can.

  10. My grandfather recently passed away of Alzheimer’s. It was very difficult to see him no longer remembering his loved ones and life’s works.

  11. “Record.. by any means necessary.
    Share your legacy and theirs.
    Never let the memories become merely shadows.”

    Oh wow…you are so right about recording. I’ve never really thought too seriously about it until reading this post.


  12. I just found your blog thru link at Mommy Always Wins and this post was just so touching. We don’t know the richness and beauty of our memories until they begin to slip away. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. “Never let the memories become merely shadows.”

    I need to write this line down . . .

    Touching. Really. What more can be said?

  14. My sister videotaped my Grammy telling stories as she was slowly slipping away from us.

    She made the clips into a movie after Grammy passed away. It is so hard for me to watch the movie because I miss her so much, but, wow, it’s such a gift to have.

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