Snip, Snip and Now You’re a Man.

We survived the first haircut. He was amazing, he just sat there, probably because he was given a sucker, but he sat. He was fascinated with the scissors and the clippers.
He survived and now he looks like a little man. *double sigh*
I have his little curls and hair in a ziploc baggie and I’ll make him a first haircut page for his scrapbook.
It wasn’t too terribly traumatic, but when I think about it too much, you know, the fact that we just cut the hair that he was born with! That’s the hair he had when he was in my womb, when he entered the world. *sigh*
Oh well. Here is the photographic evidence of my baby Monkey, becoming a Little Monkey Man.

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  1. What a little doll – he looks adorable!! Those are the cutest pictures too! I trimmed Alexis’ and Billy’s hair last night (Little Billy’s hair was waaayyy too long). They both look lots better today. I love this picture of your little babies first hair cut! Too sweet. See ya. Kellan

  2. It turned out really cute. I love the litte comments you put in the pictures. Thats great that you saved the curls, it will be cute in the scrapbook.

  3. He looks so adorable! Gotta love those free Dum Dum suckers. Best bribe in the world!!!!

    I’m glad you all survived the trauma! 😉

  4. Too cute for words!
    Just wait – you’ll dutifully do the hair cut thing, then the little rat will grow up and decide to grow it all long… Sheesh.
    Seriously – what a doll!

  5. Hi! I’m here through Kim at JoggingInCircles…Congratulations on your/his big day :o} He’s a little cutie!

  6. So cute. Lovebug got his first haircut right before Christmas (though I confess to a few snips to keep it out of his eyes before that) and it was so bittersweet.

  7. OMGosh! When I saw your title I thought another kind of snip. I’m laughing now because I really thought we were on different sides of the world today. Me talking about having baby fever and you talking about not! Ha-ha!! How wrong I was. And now that I have read your post, my baby fever has only been further ignited! How wonderfully sweet. (Sorry my initial thoughts weren’t!) 🙂

  8. Oh my. He is just all SORTS of cute! Our son has his first haircut next week. 🙁

    BTW, sincere thanks for your nomination (I’m humbled). I also have a little blog bling awaiting you.

  9. My eldest won’t even let me come near her with a brush without wailing like a banshee. I dreading the day of her first hair cut!

  10. What a little dear you have there…and that last photo is a keeper….priceless keeper. 🙂

  11. That picture of your little guy in the front yard is GREAT.
    Yeah, give us a sucker and we will set in that chair for hours. Now days my barber charges $14 to cut all three of my hairs but he talks about golf – that as good as a sucker.
    Found you through one plus twins.

  12. he is so darn cute!!! love the picto-mentury!!! (that’s like a documentary…i think i might have made up a new word…hmm…)

  13. Oh he looks soooo handsome! I’m proud of you. I remember crying like a big ole’ baby the day my three got their first haircuts. It’s a HUGE milestone for mommies. 🙂

  14. I missed this! He looks adorable – so grown up now!

    [And I’m evidently dyslexic because I can’t do the damn captcha right to save my skin!]

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