So, This One Time… At BlissDom

I met this guy, named George.

Y’all might have heard of him?

George, the Chef

George Duran

Any hoo — This was George’s (see, we’re so on first name basis) second BlissDom and this year, as I was chatting with the people at the ConAgra Booth while George was filming, Dan mentioned:

You’re a George fan, right? and a Hunt’s Fan? Want to film a bit with him?”

Hmmm — let’s see..  YES!

Before I share this, let’s knock a few things out of the way.

  1. The recipe: Lighter Chicken Parmesan
  2. YES — I talk THAT MUCH with my hands — that is NOT a nervous tic — I’m Southern, what can I say?
  3. This was shot profile, which I am not a fan of.  My profile is not my favorite.
  4. Cooking Connections, so excited.  That section was shot AFTER we realized that I was doing Cooking Connections with ConAgra and Hunts and The MotherHood and wouldn’t that be a fun tie in.
  5. I hate my profile

Okay — y’all — here goes 🙂

**if you want to register for the classes: use this link — click on the register button and you’ll be automatically registered and you’ll get emails before each class

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  1. LOVE George! Love you! The part where you said “we meet with our hearts first” is a perfect summation of meeting our blogging friends. You have always rocked my food world and I am so glad George took the time to talk with you about it! xoxo Miss you honey!

    1. Kim, you’re such a doll!
      thank you so much and THANK YOU for coming to say HI! I’d have been devastated if I’d found out we were both there and didn’t meet!

      This interview was so fun for me, I hope it was as much fun to watch!

  2. You are so adorable! This was a great video and there is nothing wrong with your profile!

    I’m looking forward to trying out your lighter chicken parm recipe very soon. I remember drooling over it when you posted it here.

    Love ya bunches! xoxo

    1. LOL << that seems to be the consensus -- nobody likes profile shots 🙂 It was fun, I could have chatted with him for hours, he was a genuine doll.

  3. I think you look great–you are ANIMATED. And the camera loves that, right? At least I know I do!

    Fun video!

  4. I smiled throughout watching the entire interview. It was just SO you. You have always been so antimated. You started life with this, “OK, world, here I am so the fun can begin,” attitude. Great interview! Love you!

    1. Sara xooxxooxxoox 🙂 I know, I actually had a teacher in high school who bet me that I COULD NOT talk if I sat on my hands. I won, but it hurt 😉

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