Starting 2009 Off With Attitude and Tampons

Princess: “Hey Dad, my birthday is November 18th!”

Nate: “Princess, that’s like 10 months away, Mine is in 24 days”

Princess: “REALLY! What do you want?”

Nate: “A Kayak”

Without missing a beat

Princess: “Oh Daddy, you can’t have one of those until you’re 34”

He’s going to be 33.


New Year’s Eve

Me: “Honey, are you having fun?”

Nate: “I’d be having more fun if I didn’t have a tampon in my ear”

Note: if you run out of cotton balls you can cut the tip off a tampon and it works wonderfully.

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  1. OK. I am absolutely speechless and clueless as to why Nate would need a cotton ball let alone a tampon tip in his ear. Help me out here, please.

  2. Seriously, I would still be laughing if I got to hear the second conversation first hand.. classic!!!

    Kim’s latest brilianceAs I take my first steps into 2009

  3. I’m here first before I hit your winners and I’m really, really hoping that a pic of Nate with the tampon in his ear is there =)

    If not, *sign* I guess I’ll just have to image that one LOL

    Lisa’s latest brilianceWeekly Winners

  4. My hubby is always saying that “kayaks make great stocking stuffers.” Riiiight … because we have SOOO much spare space lying around for kayaks …

    Tranny Head’s latest brilianceThe Return of the T.I.T.: Number 30 Is For Illinois!

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