Together(ness) Counts

Oh hello 2013!!!!

Oh Hello February!

FEBRUARY – y’all. F-E-B-R-U-A-R-Y.

Can someone please explain where January went?  Good grief time is flying by!

Are y’all getting all geared up for Valentine’s Day?  If you need some Unique and FUN DIY Valentine’s cards – Check out these 10 Creative Valentine’s for Kids , if you want to get in the mood by reading something smooshy and sappy: P.S. I Love Him

I’m still playing catch up with 2012, y’all.

Part of 2012 was that I was asked to be an ambassador for the Together Counts program, a program that promotes family togetherness.

Together Counts was created by the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, the goal of this program is to bring families (back) together to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  I couldn’t be more on board with this.  We’ve spent a lot of time talking to the kids about eating healthy, living healthy and the importance of moderation.

This program seemed like a perfect fit!

I wrote over on their blog throughout 2012 and wanted to give y’all a quick glimpse into what I shared over there!

In December, I wrote about 5 Ways Smartphones simplify Mealtimes – whether it’s with online recipe sharing, shopping lists, or taking pics of the food in my pantry before going to the store.  I definitely use my smartphone to help me out in the kitchen.  Do you use your smartphone to help with mealtime planning or prep?  I’d love to hear how you do it!

Every June is The Great American Backyard Campout and camping out – backyard or beach – is definitely something my family LOVES to do!



“I love this day because one of my family’s favorite activities is camping. We setup on the beach, at the lake or park, and we’ve even been known to set our tent up in the front yard for a few hours. The kids play and have imaginary camping trips while my husband and I do yard-work, clean the garage or just hang out and soak up the sun and kids’ laughter…. Read More

In November, I talked about the importance of The Family Table, sharing memories of dinners growing up and what we do around our table now – and I shared 6 of my favorite (Quick) Slow Cooker Creations

My last post for Together Counts was all about achieving Holiday Balance, I spent a lot of time talking about moderation and that’s definitely set the tone for 2013 for our family!

What about in your family?  How do y’all promote togetherness and balance?  Do you focus on a healthy lifestyle?


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  1. What a fabulous organization – how fun that you got to write for them last year!

    We definitely try to focus on living healthfully together – eating well, getting out for walks/jogs with the stroller, etc. I’m excited for this summer though – Wes MIGHT be old enough to do a backyard campout! WOOHOO 🙂

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