This Week in Happiness {Week 26}

Here’s to happiness <3 

Be and Encourager Quote


  • This is the best Frozen re-mix/spoof/video ever.  My kids have watched it 12 times.  Mainly because they’re Thriller obsessed.


  • In  podcast news – I’ve been binging on the Girl on Guy Podcast with Aisha Tyler.  It’s NSFW or Small Children, but it’s incredibly hysterical, wonderful, and fun.  

Eats and Treats

  • I’ve spent the past few weeks cooking and recipe testing for the sake of cooking and sharing with friends and family.  My camera hasn’t come out, I haven’t stressed over posting timing, or worried about the styling, and it’s been incredibly rejuvenation.  Y’all will reap the benefits though.  Coming soon:  The Ultimate Buttermilk Waffles, Roasted Almonds, Fudgy Dark Chocolate Brownies that will bring them to their knees, Superbowl worthy Cauliflower Bites, The Carnival Cruise Lines famous Melting Chocolate Cake recipe, a french toast recipe that will require your stretchy waistband pants, and a pecan pie recipe that doesn’t need an oven.  SO much DELICIOUSNESS!

  • ZOODLES!!!! We are obsessed with zoodles.  I bought a Zoodle Maker aka Spiralizer (I bought this one>>>>>>>>> Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer) after seeing everyone going nuts over zoodles on instagram, pinterest, and facebook. Spoiler Alert… y’all – they’re awesome.  zoodles

Just a few minutes sauteeing in a bit of olive oil, tossed with your favorite sauce (spicy homemade red sauce with veggies and turkey coming soon) and voila!  Delicious, healthy, filling, and southern meat and potatoes boy approved!  Added bonus, something I can serve to my gluten free friends!!!  

  • Check out these incredible Kung Pao Zoodles from my girl, Skinnytaste.  Totally A Southern Fairytale approved!!!! 
  • Superbowl is coming up fast, quick, and in a hurry and I think these Mini Avocado & Hummus Quesadillas from my friend Cookin’ Canuck would be a delicious and healthy option to add to your smorgasbord! 
hummus and avocado quesadillas from cookin' canuck
hummus and avocado quesadillas from cookin’ canuck



  • Handwritten thank you notes <3 There’s just nothing like them
  • Giving thanks and stolen moments with my kids —- She Shimmers —–
  • Being reminded/inspired/encouraged to do 1 Good Deed a day #deedaday #1GD which inspires me to live by example… give back, pay it forward, be the change… be the good, y’all.

one good deed bracelet


What’s making you happy this week?  What is inspiring you, bringing you joy? 

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