Molasses Spice Crinkle Cookies

holiday molasses spice crinkle cookies

These Molasses Spice Crinkle Cookies are just one of many of my favorite southern holiday traditions. These cookies are made year after year, by generation after generation. They’re made from recipe cards tattered by age, discolored by drips of molasses and sugar crusted fingers, the paper worn soft with age and use, the scent of ginger, molasses, cinnamon, and cloves woven into the recipe cards themselves.

Do You Boo?

boo bucket closeup

Do you Boo? As best I can tell, Boo-ing is a southern tradition.  It seems to be as southern as monogrammed yetis, golf carts at pickup, apple pie, and maroon vs orange.  (Gig ’em!) This kind of Boo-ing  isn’t the kind that you do when you jump out of the shadows and scream “Boo”  at… 

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Lemon-Horseradish Potato Salad

lemon horseradish potato salad by Katie Workman

If you’ve ever been to a picnic, a church luncheon, or any backyard barbecue, chances are that you’ve had potato salad; but I’d wager that you’ve never had potato salad like this. Freshly squeezed lemon juice, spicy horseradish, savory dijon mustard, fresh cracked black pepper…  I’ve got your attention now, don’t I.  My sweet friend… 

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Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 96}

Butterscotch Pecan Monkey Bread | A Southern Fairytale

I’m going to distract you from the last week of non-posting with MARGARITAS and Monkey Bread! Butterscotch-Pecan Monkey Bread, to be precise.  It’s Monday, which means it’s Mouthwatering Mondays and time to talk about a few of my favorite recipes that were linked up last week – this week’s favs are packed with flavor, lots… 

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Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 95}

May the Fourth Be With You

Happy Monday, and it really is Monday, because I am WAY behind due to the sheer awesomeness of the Mom 2.0 Conference and re-entry is hard, y’all. It’s Monday, which means it’s Mouthwatering Mondays and time to talk about a few of my favorite recipes that were linked up last week – this week’s favs… 

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Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 94}

Put on Your Brave Girl Boots sign by Brave Girls Club

Happy Monday, y’all!!!  I leave for Mom 2.0 Summit tomorrow and I feel like everything should be in all caps with exclamation points everywhere!!!!  I’m excited to speak on a panel sponsored by Nesquik about kids’ nutrition, and how we handle it in our own homes with Laura Fuentes of Momables and Lisa Leake of… 

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Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 93}

granny's sock it to me recipe card

Happy Monday, y’all!  Hope your weekend was delicious! Ours was filled with celebrating what would have been my Granny’s 95th birthday by trying to perfect her elusive Banana Pudding Recipe – she was famous for it, and I can tell y’all that my neighbors are enjoying the recipe testing of this one. What Southerner doesn’t… 

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Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 92}

mouthwatering monday collage

Happy Monday, y’all – sorry this is running a bit late.  I had an SD card corruption this past weekend and I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to recover the images that I hadn’t yet transferred to my computer.  In order to do that – the software that I found (Wondershare Data Recovery) recovered… 

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Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 91}

mouthwatering mondays collage

Happy Monday, y’all! What a delicious and busy weekend we had.  We took the kids to the Shell Houston Open where we laughed, watched super-star golfers, helped donate to some wonderful charities (which is what the Shell Houston Open does), ate some yummy food, talked, made memories and enjoyed some family time.  Saturday, we worked around… 

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Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 90}

Time Hop App then and now

Happy Monday! It’s been a crazy, wonderfully full, sports, friends, crawfish boil, sunshine-filled weekend for us; how was your weekend? I love my TimeHop app – and this weekend my heart melted when the picture from 4 years ago popped up! My little Monkey was so small and adorable in his cowboy boots.  He used… 

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Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 89}

water fairy princess

Happy Monday {ish} Hope you’re having a wonderfully, delicious, delightful, and decadent day!  We’ve finally gotten some gorgeous weather down here and it’s had us stretching our legs and lifting our faces to the sun. The grill’s been heating up with spicy grilled shrimp quesadillas, steaks, poblano burgers and more… but what y’all have going has my… 

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Mouthwatering Mondays {Week 88}

chewy brown sugar chocolate chip cookies

Happy Monday!  Are you recovering from Spring Break like us, or just starting yours?  We’ve devoured about 4 dozen of these brown sugar chocolate chip cookies over the past week, and it’s time for me to get back into running and working out to make up for it!  They’re so worth it, though. Y’all are… 

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