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How to Use Customizable and Engaging Social Media Templates?

As per the experts, the amount of data we create on social media will reach to the number of 147 ZB by the end of 2024. Mind-boggling, right?

It also means that to stand out from the clutter, you must create social media posts that are helpful, engaging, striking, and effective.

If you single-handedly manage all social channels of your eCommerce stores or influencer profiles, it must be exhausting to design new content every day. From typography to color selection and captions, you need to focus on multiple aspects, along with your business, of course.

So, the most optimized way to design interactive posts that actually speak to your followers is to use social media templates. They are not only easy to use, quick, and diverse, but have a human touch that will hit your target audience on point!

Tips to Use Social Media Templates Correctly To Boost Your Business

There are tons of resources online where you can get social media templates for free. But, to use them effectively, you must know some fundamentals.

  1. Choose the social media post templates that 100% match your brand image, voice, and identity. Use similar color tones and text styles to keep it consistent.
  2. If you do not get the ideal designs, customize or edit the most similar one to make it accurate. Remember to edit the text and images before posting on social channels.
  3. Create different kinds of content. Design text-based, image-based, or video-based content to make the profile engaging and diverse. Find relevant templates for each type of content.
  4. Ensure that the size and orientation of the images and videos are according to the guidelines of the platforms. Otherwise, it will appear chopped.
  5. Do not clutter the post with a lot of text (unless it is your brand persona). Carefully using subtle designs, white spaces, and elements will make it more meaningful and understandable.
  6. Always make them look cohesive. For example, many brands use specific grid designs whenever they post on Instagram. It makes their profiles more professional and well-maintained.
  7. There are different purposes for social media posts, like new product launches, clients’ reviews, marketing campaigns, hiring posts, and company updates. Use different styles for every campaign.

Must-Haves in Social Media Templates

No matter how good your designs are, if the posts do not contain these elements, they won’t stand out in the online space.

  1. Brand name, logo, and tagline.
  2. A consistent tone of voice that communicates with the customers.
  3. Proper orientation and formatting that do not feel chaotic.
  4. A clear call to action that steers people to your business website or app.
  5. Write short and crisp messages because of GenZ’s shrinking attention spans.


Social media templates are the quickest way to design and post content according to the set schedule. Whether you use free resources or design them from scratch, ensure they have consistent brand images. Use similar colors, typography, style, and color theme so the audience can identify your brand.

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